Lydia Loveless Digs Spoon: Alt-country singer and songwriter Lydia Loveless told us about her Spoon experience.

Lydia Loveless: Spoon at Newport in Columbus, OH. Right after Hot Thoughts came out. I can’t quite recall the time of year. I was able to get on the guest list through my then boyfriend and I took my sisters with me. We stood in the VIP section – an entire giant roped off area with only the three of us. People kept trying to get us kicked out or offer us money to come stand with us. It was hysterical. We were dancing and singing and having an amazing time.

Spoon is seriously the best live show. I normally don’t care much about light shows because I’m too busy trying not to have a panic attack from them, but theirs was truly cool to witness. All their songs are catchy as hell and they are so dialed in. It was the last really good time I got to have with both my sisters together and I’ll never forget it.

Lydia Loveless Digs Spoon: Lydia Loveless’ Nothing’s Gonna Stand in My Way Again album is out now. She performs on January 20 at the Troubadour.















































































































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