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Today, we’re bringing you one of the most internationally recognized and enjoyed sexual act ever performed – we’re focused on none other but amazing blowjobs. Universally loved, the blowjob is an act of service, a show of skill, an excellent way to start off some foreplay, and a very messy and visually stunning way to bust a nut. The blowjob is amazing, so we’re focused on bringing you hot Onlyfans blowjob content from around the globe.

We’re not just bringing you any Onlyfans blowjobs, we’re dedicated to bringing you the best Onlyfans blowjob accounts possible. We want to showcase the most skilled oral providers, who not only can handle a cock, but can also interact with their fans, and put on an excellent show, consistently. Well, these ladies delivered in a big way, and we’re very pleased to present to you our best blowjob Onlyfans accounts of 2023!

Best Blowjob OnlyFans: Featured This Month

Best Blowjob OnlyFans Models Accounts of 2023

  1. Genesis Kiss – Most Passionate Cocksucker
  2. Shelly BJs – Ireland’s Pride
  3. Sidney Summers – Best Group Bottom
  4. Natalie Monroe – Best Girlfriend Experience
  5. Cheerleader Kait – Horniest Fitness Model
  6. Glazed Girls – Best Cumslut Compilations
  7. Putri Cinta – Best Amateur Content
  8. Loona Sex Therapist – Sexiest Sex Educator
  9. Alina Lopez – Most Flexible Pornstar
  10. Rainey James – Most Charitable Hottie

Best 10 Blowjob OnlyFans Models

#1. Genesis Kiss – Most Passionate Cocksucker



  • Nearly 500 Videos
  • Over 54,000 Likes
  • 1,400 Photos and Counting


Where to Follow:


About Genesis Kiss:

Genesis Kiss is the cute girl next door –the one with the big tits, the cheeky smile, who’s always daydreaming about being covered in cum. Okay, so that’s not the average girl-next-door, but that is Genesis Kiss, who can’t get enough facials, and is therefore one of our Onlyfans blowjob queens.

Genesis Kiss has a solid backlog of content, and she’s always producing a lot more. She holds back a little for PPV purposes, but those are exceptions rather than the rule. When she doesn’t have her lips around a thick tool, she loves to play girl on girl, with groups, or in full-blown orgies. She is around daily, and would love to make your day a memorable one.

#2. Shelly BJs – Ireland’s Pride



  • Over 33,000 Likes
  • Fetish Friendly
  • Over 1,400 Posts


Where to Follow:


About Shelly BJs:

Shelly BJs is a barely legal babe from Ireland who has a specific specialty, and if you can’t tell from her name, we’ll just blurt it out: she’s one of the best only fans blow job queens on the site! She may be amazing at the oral arts, but Shelly’s talents don’t end there. If you DM her, she’ll have something ready and waiting for you.

Her content includes guy on girl, girl on girl, creampies, threesomes and orgies, facials, sexting, dick rates, humiliation, solo play, toys, pegging, kinks, fetish friendly, foot fun, roleplay, video calls, and custom requests. Shelly does a bit of everything, so whatever your pleasure, be sure to let her know. She’ll be happy to hook you up.


#3. Sidney Summers – Best Group Bottom



  • Over 122,000 Likes
  • Live Shows
  • Over 700 Posts


Where to Follow:


About Sidney Summers:

This nature-loving yoga teacher experienced a major sexual awakening when traveling the country in her car for a couple years. One thing led to another, and soon she was creating some of the best only fans BJ content on the web. Sidney loves passionate sex, stretching out her butt, and posting hardcore sex videos to her wall, since she has absolutely no shame.

Sidney is now in touch with the fertile freak within her, and she posts her daily sex life right here. Well, not here – on her Onlyfans page! That content includes guy on girl, girl on girl, threesomes of all varieties, orgies, anal, squirting, and a monthly live show for her fans. She answers all her messages, so send her something sweet, or desperately horny, to make her smile.


#4. Natalie Monroe – Best Girlfriend Experience



  • Over 4.5 Million Likes
  • Over 200 Photos
  • Top 0.01% of Onlyfans Creators


Where to Follow:


About Natalie Monroe:

Natalie Munroe is among the top 0.01% of all Onlyfans creators worldwide, which is outstanding in so many ways. This cutie with the hourglass booty has promised that her page is completely, without any doubt, ad free. She’s an only fans blowjob queen, and she does it all. Sexting, dick rates, video calls, live shows, multiple daily posts, surprise treats, you name it.

On top of that, Natalie is fetish friendly, and her content includes toy play, hardcore nudity, custom content creation, stunning girlfriend experiences, blowjobs, guy on girl, anal, squirting, and she’s always chatting with her fans. You can get a free dick rate or a free video when you join, so be sure to say hi when you sign up!


#5. Cheerleader Kait – Horniest Fitness Model



  • Over 2 Million Likes
  • Nearly 500 Videos
  • Over 1,800 Photos


Where to Follow:


About Cheerleader Kait:

Cheerleader Kait is a slutty bi cheerleader who’s banging her way through college. She’s also a pretty steamy fitness model, and she’s been steadily recruiting her teammates to Onlyfans as well. Kait is a true gift. You will often see these babes play together, or take photoshoots showing off their naked bodies.

Kait is more than just an Onlyfans blowjob bombshell, she is a torrid temptress. Her content includes guy on girl, girl on girl, threesomes, and a lot more. After all, a girl’s gotta have fun. If you want to talk, or get naughty, send Kait a DM and she’ll treat you right. She also holds games, polls, and hosts live streaming events.


#6. Glazed Girls – Best Cumslut Compilations

glazedgirls 1


  • Over 354,000 Likes
  • Over 1,200 Photos
  • Over 1,700 Videos


Where to Follow:


About the Glazed Girls:

Lilly is a true Onlyfans blowjob queen, and she’s a cumslut from her head to her toes. She’s the main content creator behind the Yummy Couple Onlyfans account (linked above). She loves cum shots, cum play, cum everything. Even her personal site has legitimate cum training sessions, so you can shoot bigger loads, and go multiple rounds. She’s passionate!

Glazed Girls is Lilly’s work of art, where she features herself, and her friends, experiencing amazing facials and getting glazed. The account is free to follow, so if you love a sticky situation, you should check it out. If you want something more interactive, you’ll want to head to the Yummy Couple page, where Lilly is happy to help you out.


#7. Putri Cinta – Best Amateur Content



  • Over 158,000 Likes
  • Nearly 500 Videos
  • Over 1,300 Photos


Where to Follow:


About Putri Cinta:

Putri Cinta is here to bring you your daily dose of tropical hotness! Putri is somewhere between African and Asian, and she’s extremely hot. This athletic knockout loves to create the best amateur content around – anal play, solo play, girl on girl, and she’s even among the best blowjob Onlyfans queens.

Putri is a petite, natural Latina with a tight pussy, a horny mind, and she doesn’t bite. She kisses, definitely, so slide into her DMs and let her know what’s running through her mind. When you’re ready to feel the heat and humidity of the tropics, you know exactly whom to turn to.


#8. Loona Sex Therapist – Sexiest Sex Educator



  • Over 1.3 Million Likes
  • Top 0.01% of Onlyfans Creators
  • 500 Videos and Counting


Where to Follow:


About Loona, Sex Therapist:

Loona Scandi is a very busty sex therapist. No, we’re serious – she’s got 32F knockers, and she’s a published and licensed sex therapist. Not only that, but she’s hot and horny like its going out of style, so she’s on Onlyfans posting up a storm. She’s incredibly interactive – she loves dick ratings of all kinds, live streams, custom videos, video calls, you name it. There’s a reason she’s among the top 0.01% of all Onlyfans creators worldwide.

Loona is happy to provide dirty audio messages, one on one sexting, and a lot of hot content, which includes solo play, guy on girl, girl on girl, anal, outdoor, titty fuck, and some salacious Onlyfans blowjobs. Loona has her Masters, so you know you’re in excellent hands when she’s involved.


#9. Alina Lopez – Most Flexible Pornstar



  • Over 361,000 Likes
  • Subscription Bundles
  • Over 1,300 Posts


Where to Follow:


About Alina Lopez:

Alina Lopez is the flexible pornstar Latina you didn’t realize you needed in your life. This pansexual cyber slut is online daily, and she can’t wait to get to know you personally. She provides exclusive content, daily updates, and is even willing to go on Skype dates if you ask nicely and promise to treat her right.

Alina is a proper porn star, who knows how to use her tongue in all the best ways. She’s an Onlyfans BJ queen, and she’s always willing to dress up and roleplay with the best of them. Stick around for the long term with a multiple-month subscription discount, so you never miss a single lurid act from this lovely Latina.


#10. Rainey James – Most Charitable Hottie



  • Over 251,000 Likes
  • Nearly 300 Videos
  • Over 700 Photos


Where to Follow:


About Rainey James:

Rainey James is a beautiful busty babe with long black hair, a big smile, and a love of all things sexual. She’s famous – performing some of the best Onlyfans blowjobs from around the world. She doesn’t stop there – her sexual adventures are wildly insane, every one more spicy than the last.

Whether she’s having a solo night, putting on a public show in her ride share, banging in a hot tub, or introducing a third to her love life, Rainy is always up to no good. She loves it. Best of all, subscribing to her partly goes to a good cause – she donates a portion of all her earnings towards animals and people who are in need. Subscribing and getting off with Rainey James makes the world a better place, and you can feel good about that.


Best blowjob Onlyfans FAQ’s

Who are the best blowjob Onlyfans stars today?

For the best blowjobs on Onlyfans, the girls on this list are seriously unforgettable. Check out Genesis Kiss, Shelly BJs, and Sidney Summers. Natalie Monroe and Cheerleader Kait rarely disappoint.

The list doesn’t end there, of course. The Glazed Girls, Putri Cinta, and Loona Scandi the Sex Therapist are among the best, as is Alina Lopez and Rainey James. These girls definitely have the oral skills to wow you, but they’re quite versatile when it comes to hot content creation, so the fun doesn’t stop there. This is just foreplay, baby.

What do the top blowjob Onlyfans creators make?

The average creator pulls in somewhere between a couple hundred to a few thousand every month. Keep in mind that the averages also take into account inactive users who make nothing, so those numbers might be higher in reality. But you want to know about the best, so let’s set our sights higher.

The top 10% of Onlyfans creators don’t have exact numbers we can work off of (so take this with a grain of salt), but it’s reported that they’re earning thousands every month. They’re closer to five digits, and are probably earning a comfortable living for themselves. The top 1% of Onlyfans creators are earning potentially $10,000 and up. That’s a pretty delicious payday.

Which of the best Onlyfans blowjob creators shouldn’t be missed?

You’re going to love these blowjob queens, and you truly won’t want to miss any of them. Let’s break it down. Genesis Kiss is the most passionate of the bunch, and Shelly BJs is Ireland’s most prominent head provider. Sidney Summers is one amazing group bottom, always craving some thick tools to service, and Natalie Munroe will provide you an amazing girlfriend experience. You’ll also want to catch Cheerleader Kait, the hot fitness model who loves to pose with her squad.

The Glazed Girls will provide the best cumslut compilations you’ve ever seen, and for some seriously spicy amateur content, Putri Cinta will drive you wild. Loona Sex Therapist not only knows how to educate you on sex, but she can do it while banging with the best of them, and Alina Lopez is extremely flexible and talented. Don’t discount Rainey James, who not only has the looks and the skills, but also uses some earnings to help people and animals in need.

How do I grow my own blowjob Onlyfans account?

You’ll want to ensure your Onlyfans account is up to snuff before you do a marketing push. Check out your cover and profile picture, make sure you find them attractive, and that they represent you. You’ll also want to analyze your writeup. It should welcome fans, talk a bit about you, and outline all the content you like to create. Fans love this, as it gives them confidence in what you’re going to do for them.

From there, build out some social media accounts that align with your Onlyfans account. They should link together, and be somewhat recognizable in terms of username and profile picture. You’ll next want to promote yourself on free sites like Reddit – there’s a lot of pages dedicated to Onlyfans creators, so find the ones that represent you the best, and get in there!

How will I be paid for my blowjob Onlyfans account?

Being paid has never been simpler. Onlyfans keeps your money in a holding account, and you can check that balance whenever you wish. You can tell it when to transfer the money to your account, either by requesting it yourself, or setting up an automatic monthly transfer. Either way, that money will be on its way at your leisure.

The banks take three to five days to process the transfer and move around the money. This is standard, don’t fret about it. After that, you’ll have the money in your account to do what you like with it! We recommend setting a bit aside for taxes, and setting a portion aside to upgrade your film equipment – lights, sound, camera, etc. But ultimately, it’s your money, and you deserve to enjoy it however you see fit!

What mistakes can I avoid while running my blowjob Onlyfans account?

Many early creators fail to market themselves properly. Be sure to have a social media presence, and know which subreddits host content that matches yours. Be active in these places, it’ll drive fans to your amazing Onlyfans account.

Creators also tend to make mistakes when it comes to consistency. You’ll want to have a solid content schedule, and you’ll want to stick to it. Fans get disappointed if you’re unreliable, as they are very hungry for your content. If you can’t meet your schedule, be sure to communicate, as people can also be lovely and understanding, as long as they know what’s up.


We hope you checked out and loved the best Onlyfans blowjobs from around the globe! Competition was fierce – we had to really look high and low for skilled oralists, with great accounts, consistent posting schedules, and amazing fan interactivity. No easy task, but then, these ladies never shy away from a big challenge, if you know what we mean.

While you’re checking out what this outstanding babes can handle, we’ll keep searching the globe for more amazing Onlyfans BJ content. We’re dedicated to bringing you the best of the best, so be sure to check back in the future for even more debauchery and orgasms to come.


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