The Best Female Bodybuilder Onlyfans Accounts of 2023

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If you’ve never been introduced to the amazing world of babes who professionally work out, you’re in for a serious treat. We’ve rounded up the absolute best FBB Onlyfans in the business – the female bodybuilders who are putting on an adult show – and you can check them all out right here. When it comes to muscle girls, Onlyfans has an alluring array of babes to choose from. Not just any strong, beautiful woman would do, though.

In order to make this list as tantalizing and fulfilling as possible, we wanted creators who consistently put on a stunning show, interacted with their fans, and who could bench press a house. Lucky for everyone, these girls have no problems taking on some big challenges, and you’re certain to find everything you’re looking for with these babes, and hopefully a lot more where that comes from. Check out our favorite female bodybuilder Onlyfans stars of 2023.

Best Female Bodybuilder OnlyFans: Featured This Month

Best Female Bodybuilder OnlyFans Models Accounts of 2023

  1. Emily Brand – Best Revealing Flex
  2. Anne Sheehan – Sexiest Topless Content
  3. Ripped Vixen – Sexiest Feats of Strength
  4. Christy Resendes – Most Authentic Beauty
  5. Marina Putziger – Best Perverted Art
  6. Quads Goddess – Best Anal Content
  7. Miss Maria – Hottest Domme
  8. XXX ChelCBaby – Most Colorful Creator
  9. Lisa Cross – Best Erotic Storyteller
  10. FitnessGirl Athene – Sexiest Rants 

Best 10 Female Bodybuilder OnlyFans Models

#1.Emily Brand – Best Revealing Flex



  • Over 52,000 Likes
  • Subscription Bundles
  • Over 1,300 Posts

Where to Follow:

About Emily Brand:

Emily Brand is an absolutely adorably cute blond bombshell who basically bursts through her own clothing when she flexes her amazing muscles. She’s a pro physique competitor, and very proud of all she’s accomplished (as she should be). She’s the perfect Onlyfans FBB if you love revealing flexing.

Emily is always available to chat casually, and if you want something more intimate, she is willing to assist you with that as well. She’s always open to special requests, and when left to her own devices, she’s posting to her page five times a week. If you want even more of Emily, opt for a long-term subscription discount, so don’t miss a single pervy post.

#2. Anne Sheehan – Sexiest Topless Content



  • Over 13,000 Likes
  • Subscription Bundles
  • Over 700 Posts

Where to Follow:

About Anne Sheehan:

Anne Sheehan is a powerlifter who brings big fucking muscles to her Onlyfans page. This shredded knockout loves to show off her amazing bikini bod, and never shies away from a chance to go completely topless. She maintains two Onlyfans accounts – one that is completely free, and much like her Reddit account, teases you with a taste of her content.

Her VIP account (the one we’re featuring) is far more active. She posts daily, so you can get your fill of what she describes as her “freaky huge muscles.” If you want even more of Anne, and you will, you can opt for her multiple month subscription bundle. Once you see where wearing little else except her stripper heels, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without this muscle Onlyfans star.

#3. Ripped Vixen – Sexiest Feats of Strength



  • Over 21,000 Likes
  • Live Streams
  • Over 1,600 Posts

Where to Follow:

About Ripped Vixen:

Ripped Vixen is 5’3, and 180 lbs of sheer muscle. She can bend iron bars, break wood, and haul you in her arms like a baby if she felt like it. She loves when fans worship her hard body, and has set out to prove just how sexy female muscle can be. Ripped Vixen goes into some great detail about the female bodybuilding scene and how it relates to sexy content, especially on Onlyfans.

What you need to know is that she’s going to express her sexuality in whatever way she sees fit. She’s happy to show off her talents and prove both her mental and physical prowess is top notch, while also enjoying her sexual side to its fullest. When it comes to muscle women, Onlyfans is well served by Ripped Vixen.

#4. Christy Resendes – Most Authentic Beauty



  • Over 3,000 Likes
  • Fitness Tips
  • Over 300 Posts

Where to Follow:

About Christy Resendes:

Christy Resendes is among the most authentic Onlyfans muscle girls you’re going to find. This professional arm wrestler is a true champion at the sport, and her interests beyond that include fitness, travel, and motivating others.

Christy’s Onlyfans page is all about showcasing her true, authentic self in the best way possible. She describes her page as a place for all the things that make up who she is – fitness tips, workout vids, world travels, food, and her life in general. She loves to be real, educational, and informative. You can check out Christy here, and if you plan to stay for the long haul, take advantage of her long-term subscription bundle while you’re there!

#5. Marina Putziger – Best Perverted Art



  • Over 19,000 Likes
  • Nearly 100 Videos
  • Over 200 Photos

Where to Follow:

About Marina Putziger:

Marina Putziger is one of the most glamorous female bodybuilder Onlyfans stars you’re going to find. You will often see her performing amazing lifts, but she tends to prefer to show off her bulging muscles while wrapped in a tight dress, with a classic car to lean on. You’ll not only get a lot of bodybuilding content, but you’re going to get to explore Marina’s fetishes on top of that.

Marina describes her page as artwork, but in a delightfully pervy way. This blonde beauty loves to model and pose, and if you want to see her get kinky, you’ll have to subscribe to her page for more. You won’t be disappointed – this is one of the premium pages to see a muscular marvellous babe get truly naughty.

#6. Quads Goddess – Best Anal Content



  • Over 17,000 Likes
  • Nearly 1,000 Videos
  • Over 1,700 Photos

Where to Follow:

About Quads Goddess:

Quads Goddess is among the most erotic female bodybuilders on this list – definitely one of the few who outright list their sexual proclivities upfront and center. Make no mistake, she’s built for power, and is overflowing with amazing muscles that she loves to show off. When you want muscle girls, Onlyfans’ one and only Quads Goddess has you covered.

This real naughty FBB provides big clit videos, plenty of squirting, anal guy on girl, naked workouts, solo play, and to top all that off, QG answers all her DMs personally. If you catch her on a flash sale, you can get some really great discounts, so keep your eyes on her!

#7. Miss Maria – Hottest Domme



  • Over 8,800 Likes
  • Nearly 400 Videos
  • Over 300 Photos

Where to Follow:

About Miss Maria:

Miss Maria is not only a professional bodybuilder, and has been since 2016, but she’s also a professional Domme based out of Amsterdam. She’s 6’1, 210lbs, and one of the most physically imposing female athletes in the world – at least according to her. Like a true Amazon, she has a dominating personality to match, and loves to show off how she melds both her passions together.

Miss Maria loves to tell stories, take on roleplay, and explore the fetish and fascination of true female muscle Onlyfans stars. You can subscribe to her page, and save money in the long run with her multiple-month subscription bundles, and then you can enjoy every naughty video and kinky photo. Just be sure, if you decide to send her a message, that you remember she’s in charge.

#8. XXX ChelCBaby – Most Colorful Creator



  • Over 47,000 Likes
  • Nearly 800 Photos
  • Over 200 Videos

Where to Follow:

About XXX ChelCBaby:

ChelCBaby is 5’9, 190 lbs of pure muscle, and is sporting a new pair of tits that you’re going to love. You’ll recognize ChelCBaby in any of her social media accounts with her signature look of showing her body, covered in colorful paints. It’s striking, and a really good indicator of the sensuality, sexuality, and creativity that this amazing muscular Onlyfans star brings to her posts.

ChelCBaby took a month off recently for mental health, but she just came back, better than ever, and is going to show you a very good time. She knows you’re curious, and promises that muscle is very sexy – and she’s determined to prove it to you. If you want to dive in for the long run, be sure to grab one of those long term subscription bundles, and enjoy the truly amazing woman that is ChelCBaby.

#9. Lisa Cross – Best Erotic Storyteller



  • Over 14,000 Likes
  • 2,600 Photos and Counting
  • Over 1,300 Videos

Where to Follow:

About Lisa Cross:

Lisa Cross describes herself as the sexiest female bodybuilder in the world, and the most downloaded IFBB Pro bodybuilder, which is her proof that bigger and harder is always better. This bodacious blonde loves to show off her naked body, glistening and bulging with muscle, at every possible moment.

Whether she’s doing hardcore training videos from her own private gym, or having a mind-blowing solo session with a thick toy, you’re going to love every minute of her you get to see. If you ever wanted to chat, this is the account to do it from, and you can also order custom videos if you want a truly private experience. Don’t miss one of the best muscle Onlyfans stars available today!

#10. FitnessGirl Athene – Sexiest Rants



  • Over 13,000 Likes
  • Free Account
  • Nearly 500 Posts

Where to Follow:

About FitnessGirl Athene:

FitnessGirl Athene is hot, sexy, and strong. When it comes to muscle women, Onlyfans is proud that Athene not only has the power, but the steamy sexy content to drive everyone wild with it. She posts a lot of training content, muscle poses, and a whole lot of what she dubs, “too hot for Instagram.”

Her content includes creating carnal custom videos for fans, rants, domination, dick rates, posing and flexing, muscle and foot worship, strength challenges, and fulfilling her fans’ hottest fantasies. The best part is you can subscribe to this Danish muscle doll for free, so get in there and find out what she’s all about!

Best FBB Onlyfans FAQ’s

Who are the best FBB Onlyfans stars today?

When you want the best female bodybuilder Onlyfans stars of 2023, this is the perfect list for you. You can check all these amazing muscle women in detail up above, but here’s a quick rundown of our top choices. Emily Brand, Anne Sheehan, and Ripped Vixen all make up the start of our list. From there, we also feature the outstanding Christy Resendes and Marina Putziger.

There’s plenty more muscular babes where they came from. The Quads Goddess is someone you need to discover, as is Miss Maria, XXX ChelCBaby, and Lisa Cross. Don’t forget about FitnessGirl Athene, or you’d definitely be missing out.

What do the top FBB Onlyfans creators make?

Keep in mind that we’re basing this information off of estimates that were provided to us, so everything we say here can be taken with a grain of salt. Onlyfans creators in the top 1% globally can make anywhere from nearly $10,000 and upward. Celebrities have made millions in their first couple days.

Most creators aren’t making that kind of cash. The top 10% make a decent living each month – more than a few thousand dollars, and everyone below that threshold makes less. Sounds pretty obvious, but we don’t have any further way to narrow it down from there!

Which of the best Onlyfans FBB creators shouldn’t be missed?

When it comes to jaw-dropping muscle women, Onlyfans has the best of the best of them creating salacious content. Check out our favorites from 2023 up above, or this quick rundown. Emily Brand has the best revealing flex on our list, Anne Sheehan’s topless content will blow your mind. For some seriously steamy feats of strength, you’ll want to visit the Ripped Vixen, and Christy Resendes is our most authentic beauty. Marina Putziger creates the most perverted art on the list.

The Quads Goddess has the best anal content, hands down, while Miss Maria is the hottest Domme by a wide margin. XXX ChelCBaby is the most colorful creator on our list, and Lisa Cross is the best erotic storyteller you didn’t know you needed in your life. FitnessGirl Athene is the perfect girl for a hot rant!

How do I grow my own FBB Onlyfans account?

You want to know how to grow your own female bodybuilder Onlyfans account, well buckle up, cause we’re about to tell you! It starts with a great landing page – the first thing your fans see to subscribe to your account. You’ll want a profile and cover photo that stands out. Check out ChelCBaby’s page as an example – that paint on her body is memorable and eye-catching. After that, be sure to write about who you are, and most importantly, what kind of content you’ll provide.

Once you have that, be sure to create social media accounts that match your branding, and link to them. Those social media accounts should have one job – entice people to check out your other links, and visit your page. Finally, find other sites (like Reddit) where fans are looking for content like yours, and give them a little taste to drive them wild. Your account will be bulging with fans in no time.

How will I be paid for my FBB Onlyfans account?

Onlyfans makes it super easy to pay its creators. It takes its cut first, then puts the rest of your funds into a holding account. Once you pass a minimum threshold (it’s cheap – don’t worry), you can withdraw the cash. You can also set up your account to automatically send you the money each month, so you don’t have to deal with it.

Withdrawing the cash actually transfers it from Onlyfans’ bank account to yours. This transaction takes the standard 3 – 5 business days that all bank transfers take. There’s no way around this, so have some patience. Soon enough the money will arrive, and you’ll be able to spend it however you want!

What mistakes can I avoid while running my FBB Onlyfans account?

The biggest mistake most new Onlyfans creators make is they lack consistency. Much like a proper workout requires dedication, so too does a successful Onlyfans account. By having a consistent schedule that you treat seriously, your fans will appreciate your hard work.

Beyond that, be sure to market yourself. Sites like Reddit can be great places to post and promote your Onlyfans page. There’s plenty of subreddits for niche creators, such as female bodybuilders. If you’ve never used Reddit, you can find some great tutorials online. It’s really easy, don’t worry.


These are our favorite muscle girl Onlyfans stars of 2023, and it’s easy to see why. They’re tough as diamonds, gorgeous like priceless art, and dedicated to what they do best. Also, they’re debaucherous, and you know you’re in for a sexy time once these ladies lose their clothes. Whether you just long babes with big biceps, or you have specific fantasies in mind, look above and you’ll find the right models for you.

While these girls are all amazing, there’s many more stunning strong seductresses to be found. While you’re enjoying our list, we’ll continue to research (it’s tough work, but someone has to do it) and bring you even more wonderful female muscle Onlyfans stars in the future. Until then, enjoy our favorite muscular Onlyfans babes of 2023.


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