Top 10 E Girl OnlyFans & Hottest E Girls With OnlyFans 2023

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E-girls may have started out as a trend with the dawn of the internet, but they have become so much more than your stereotypical pick-me girl. They are a sort of subset of the emo aesthetic, but with cute blush on the nose and cheeks, brightly colored hair, hearts drawn under the eyes, thrifted or alternative clothing, mesh tees, and hair clips.

The style of an e-girl model blends goth with anime and cosplay elements, but the clothing is only part of what makes an e-girl. The most important factor is that they are chronically online. Tumblr used to be an e-girl playground, but today you are more likely to find them streaming on Twitch or posting on TikTok. We love e-girls with OnlyFans.

They are cute, they are sexy, and they know how to take a good pic, frame their videos properly and entertain their subscribers. We have scoured the internet to find you the best E Girl OnlyFans accounts of this year, and we hope you enjoy our findings as much as we have enjoyed searching for them.

Best E-girl OnlyFans: Featured This Month

Best E-girl OnlyFans Models Accounts of 2023

  1. Raya – Big Titty Gamer E-Girl OnlyFans Account
  2. Ivy – OG Cosplay E-Girl OnlyFans Page
  3. Codly Plays – Chubby E-Girl’s OnlyFans
  4. Marina Mui – Sexy E-Girl Only Fans Content Daily
  5. Pun Queen – Fun and Nerdy Tattooed E Girl OnlyFans
  6. Jakara Baby – Slim Thick E-Girl Only Fans Page
  7. Taylor’s Diary – Nude OnlyFans E-Girl and YouTuber
  8. Horny Gamer GF Experience – Your E Girl OnlyFans Girlfriend
  9. Nala – Gamer, Snowboarder, and OnlyFans E-Girl
  10. Big Titty Goth Egg – Petite Curvy Goth OnlyFans E-Girl Page

Best 10 E-girl OnlyFans

#1. Raya – Your Number One E Girl OnlyFans Waifu



  • Cosplay videos
  • Bad dragon content
  • 900+ pictures and videos
  • $30 per month

Where to Follow:

First on our list is Raya, a sexy and dirty size queen who loves to do bad dragon porn and boy girl cosplay videos. She make the list of the top E Girl Only Fans because her page is ultra entertaining, with a little bit of fantasy and lore thrown into the mix along with hot sex tapes and naughty solo content that will leave you begging for more. Raya pushes her boundaries all of the time, and has fun creating exclusive XXX content that shows off her big titties and cute hourglass figure. New content is released weekly, including full-length boy girl videos.

Unlike fake gamer e-girls, Raya actually games, and is even willing to give her most loyal fans her PSN. You can also chat with her one on one through DMs, and this gamer goddess will respond to every message she receives.

#2. Ivy – Cute Cosplay OnlyFans E-Girl



  • Hot cosplay content
  • XXX e-girlfriend
  • 140+ pics and videos
  • $10 per month

Where to Follow:

Cosplay is the name of the game when you visit Ivy’s OnlyFans e-girl page. She calls herself “your OG favorite cosplay girl”, meaning she has been doing this a while and knows just how to make herself look incredible in anything she puts on.

All content on Ivy’s page is exclusive to OnlyFans, with XXX nude pictures and porn videos sent out at least once a week, and if you turn your rebill on, you will receive extra special rewards directly to your DMs every month. Check out her spicy tip menu for more fun, or go ahead and send her a message, as she personally responds to every DM she gets.

This tattooed and sexy model is currently offering a free trial period for new subscribers, so now is your chance to get into her content and let her become your new e-girlfriend. You can cancel at any time, but we don’t think you will want to once you’ve had a taste of Ivy.


#3. Codly Plays – Curvy E Girl Only Fans with All Nude Content



  • Sexting and video calls
  • Customs available
  • 2.7K media files
  • $15 per month

Where to Follow:

Joining Codly’s paid subscription page gets you a heck of a lot of content access right away, as she has over 2.7K pictures and videos to browse through. This chubby gal is not afraid to show her fans what she is made of either, promising fully nude pics that show her fat pussy, boy girl porn, strip teases, fetish content, solo content, anal, toy play, blowjobs, and much more, with new content uploaded every single day. Subscribers also get surprise treats every once in a while as a thank you for joining her page.

Codly gives more than the typical boring nude photo sets. This lovely Latina OnlyFans e-girl regularly puts on live shows, chats on video calls one on one with her fans, and is constantly sexting with her subs, making time for each and every one of her followers. She loves to give every fan personal attention and answers all DMs. Send her a message any time if you are feeling horny, or if you just want to chat. She also does a variety of different kinds of customs, all you have to do is tell her what you want and she will


#4. Marina Mui – OnlyFans E-Girl with Daily Free Pics and Videos



  • New posts daily
  • Geeky cosplay sets
  • 1K+ posts
  • $15 per month

Where to Follow:

If you are into the Suicide Girls aesthetic (pretty girls with lots of tattoos), then Marina Mui might be the best e-girl OnlyFans creator for you. She is always posting exclusive sexy content that features nude pics, spicy photo sets, and plenty of cosplay, mixed with geeky topics and lingerie pics.

When you join her page you will get access to over 1K free pics, videos, and GIFs with the option to purchase the dirtier content she has posted or pay to get your dick rated. Marina is a consisted poster, so you will never lose interest in what she has to offer. Your subscription fee will get you daily free pics and videos, and turning on rebill will get you a nice gift every month.

As proof that it is actually Marina who is responding to your messages and not a bot or hired chatter, she asks in her profile to please be patient as you wait on your replies because she is working hard by herself to please her fans. Trust us, Marina is well worth the wait.


#5. Pun Queen – Best of the Nerdy E-Girls with OnlyFans



  • Redhead tattooed model
  • Lingerie shoots
  • 10.6K+ pics, vids, and livestreams
  • Free to follow

Where to Follow:

Although her profile does not give us much information about what she posts on her page, we decided to add Emma Hircine (aka the Pun Queen) to our list of the best e-girls with OnlyFans accounts because she has a fun sense of humor, and she is clearly a beautiful babe who loves to be online with her fans as much as possible. She is another Suicide Girl goddess, with a whole lot of nerdy puns and references like posting Star Wars references on May the 4th and stating that her home is in the Shire. Her SG moniker, rouge, is a nod to her bright red hair.

 Overall, her page just seems like a fun follow, and it is free to join so why not subscribe now? And if you feel so inspired, you can get her a little gift from her wish list. This cute nerd has put a wide variety of options to choose from, depending on what message you want to send. You can buy her a nice relaxing lavender pillow spray, some book shelf décor and highlighters, a new gaming mouse and keyboard setup, or a sexy anime cosplay outfit. The choice is yours!


#6. Jakara Baby – Brunette OnlyFans E-Girl




  • Slim thick body
  • Butt stuff
  • 1.8K+ posts
  • Free to follow

Where to Follow:

Jakara Baby is slim-thick with a small waist and a big butt, made even rounder and firmer by her love of doing squats and working out. She does not give many clues on her page telling us what we can expect in her content, so here is what we know: it is clear that she loves anime, we can see from her profile pic that she has a fine ass, and she has a face like a sweet teen superstar.

Her e-girl Only Fans page is run completely by her, and she promises to respond to each and every message she receives, so if you want to chat with a beautiful, sexy OnlyFans model, now is your chance. Jakara’s page is free to follow, so hit subscribe and find out why she has over a million likes on her pics and videos.


#7. Taylor’s Diary – Art, Fashion, and Naughty E-Girl OnlyFans



  • Nude art model
  • Cosplay content
  • 1.6K+ media files
  • Free to follow

Where to Follow:

Cosplays, nudes, singing, and sex tapes, what else could you ask for in a hot YouTube sensation with a free E Girl OnlyFans page? Taylor calls her page her diary, but she is posting a whole lot more than a typical blogger would, with over 1.6K pictures, videos, and livestreams to look at.

This naughty, cute model is very popular, as evidenced by her over 1.9 million likes, but we know how you can get her attention. Click on the link to her Amazon Wishlist and get this LA native a little something special like a luxury bath set, cute home accessories, or slutty cosplay outfits. She will definitely thank you for the gift…and maybe more?  


#8. Horny Gamer GF Experience – E Girl OnlyFans Cozy Slut Content



  • Sex toy play
  • Solo, G/G, B/G, and orgies
  • 345.7K fans
  • Free to follow

Where to Follow:

Have you ever wished that you had a sweet and horny gamer girlfriend who liked snacks, video games, and fucking? Well Freja might be your new favorite anime-loving online GF. This bright young thing has an ultra-hot e-girls OnlyFans page that is free to subscribe to.

You can then purchase tease content, naughty photo sets, and solo masturbation content with and without sex toys. You can also watch her screw boys, play with girls and get fucked in naughty orgies. Freja loves teasing you and putting on a show even more than she loves gaming (which is a lot). Join at no cost now and see why she has almost 350K fans.


#9. Nala – Best E-Girl OnlyFans Gamer Slut Page



  • Nerdy girl streamer content
  • Fitness and cosplay
  • 2.2K posts
  • $8.99 per month

Where to Follow:

When you combine a love for fitness with a love of Call of Duty and snowboarding, what do you get? An adventurous, fit, and super-hot gamer girl who is down for pretty much anything. That is a great way to describe our next e girl Only Fans model. She is absolutely gorgeous, with a beautiful fit body that she wants to drop down directly onto your face. She has thousands of pictures and videos to enjoy, so you will be entertained for quite a while after subbing.

Give Nala a follow, and while you are at it, send her a little gift from her wish list. She has asked for wholesome things like aesthetic LED lights, a super cute and slutty onesie, or a nice cozy mug set for tea and coffee. Give daddy’s little slut something to remember you by, and put a smile on her face.


#10.  Big Titty Goth Egg – Positive and Inclusive OnlyFans Goth Girl



  • No paywalls or PPV content
  • Full-length videos
  • 1.5K+ pictures and videos
  • $9.99 per month

Where to Follow:

Get all the best OnlyFans e-girl content on Lee the Big Titty Goth Egg’s page. She has zero pay walls, meaning you don’t have to pay extra for premium content like full-length videos filled with riding, shower play, oiled-up body parts, anal, fingering porn, fun roleplay, JOI, riding, and more. Her rare partner content only shows their hands, with no face showing, so you can imagine yourself in the moment with her. You will love watching Lee’s big boobs and jiggly butt move as she fucks. She is trying hard to create an inclusive, positive space that is welcoming of all cock sizes. Join her in the fun!


E-Girls with OnlyFans FAQ’s

What is an E-Girl?

The term e-girl is used to describe any girl who is online streaming, gaming, and regularly posting on TikTok or YouTube. They may be an influencer, but not in the traditional way; rather than getting followers by making their offline life look great, they instead have fun on the internet, and cultivate a rich online personality. It is a subculture that is defined by people who are very stylish, with a distinct look, and are often into anime, cosplay, playing video games, and posting on social media a lot.

On OnlyFans, e-girls are very popular, not only because they are a unique blend of sexy and interesting, but also because they often love attention and interacting with others, and spend a lot of time on their phones or computers.

Is Calling Somebody an E-Girl an Insult?

Sometimes calling a person an e-girl can be an insult, but it depends on who is saying it and why. It is often used disparagingly during online gaming sessions as a way to discredit gamer girls and say that they are only popular because of their looks, not their skills. Even the best e-girl OnlyFans creator has faced difficulties and harassment.

It might be because many with this aesthetic take big swings with their clothing choices and makeup. Some may find the more out-there babes weird or even off-putting, because they don’t recognize that it is an artistic choice. Others may be teased because some men don’t believe that popular girls can also have nerdy interests, while some use the term to imply that their quirky personality does not exist outside of their computer. Now, with all of that in mind, being called an e-girl usually means nothing more than that you are a girl who happens to post online, like millions of others.

What is E-Girl Fashion Inspired By?

One of the best parts about researching e girl Only Fans pages was getting to see all of the fun clothing and cosplay choices they made in their bio pics. The fashion seems futuristic, with a touch of anime and some goth or bondage wear mixed in. In doing some research, we have found that the “electronic” girl style is a variation of emo style, with goth, punk, skate culture, hip-hop style, and anime mixed together into an often impractical, brightly colored rainbow of clothing and accessories.

Some common points of e-girl OnlyFans fashion seem to be unnaturally colored hair (or wigs), mesh or transparent clothing, lots of hair clips, and anime-style skirts. There are often intense makeup choices, pigtails, harnesses, and “festival wear”. This style is not usually meant to be taken out of the bedroom, and is often put on as artistic expression, like a fun costume to be debuted online and then removed before the model comes down for dinner with the family.

Where Can I Meet an E-Girl?

The thing about e-girls is you may not even know you are standing right next to one when you are out in public. The intense makeup, the cosplay outfits, and the pseudo-bondage gear are usually reserved for at home and online, while they will often tone down their look to go to class or grocery shopping. This can make it difficult to meet OnlyFans e-girls out in the wild.

The good news is that e-girls are pretty easy to find online. Becoming an active gamer will give you a good chance of running into them, or you can start following their Twitch channels and TikToks, and join online forums to chat with them. This is a good way to meet a gamer goddess online, but it can be hard to transition an internet relationship into the real thing.

This is where gamer dating sites come in handy. There are several available to choose from. You will also run into real life gamer girls and egirls in game stores, tech shops, conventions, and gaming clubs or LAN centers. Remember, e girls are people too, so try to get to know them as a person before putting the moves on.

How Can I Access OnlyFans Without Paying?

As you may have noticed in our list of the top ten best e girl OnlyFans pages, three of them were completely free to subscribe to. This is because many pages will offer some teasers and cute pics for free, while placing the more hardcore nudes and pornography behind a pay wall as pay per view content.

They may also require payment before responding to messages or performing other services like dick ratings or making custom videos for their fans. So while it is completely possible to subscribe to hundreds of OnlyFans accounts completely free, without adding your credit card to the site, you may be missing out on your favorite creator’s best offerings. That said, sometimes the naughty free stuff is more than enough to keep you satisfied, especially if you are into implied nudity and using your imagination.

What is the Meaning of OnlyFans?

OnlyFans is an internet website that is used as a platform for artists, musicians, dancers, porn stars, and other adult entertainers to share their content with fans. They can opt to make their stuff free to their subscribers, or they can charge a monthly subscription fee. There is also the option to put content behind a paywall as pay per view options.

The site is best known for being a safe place for online sex workers and nude models to freely post and sell almost any content they want, including real sex tapes, amateur or professional porn, sexy pictures, and even certain services can be offered like personalized jack off instructions, moaning a fan’s name, or taking custom pictures or videos in a specific position or location per a fan’s request. Sites like Instagram, on the other hand, do not allow sexual content, instead banning the creators who try to earn a living that way.

The reason why OnlyFans has become so popular over the past few years is because it lets the creators keep control over their content, and many people have been able to earn a living from their page. Working from home has become a global phenomenon, especially since the 2020 pandemic and we have seen that posting and earning online has greatly benefited a whole community of sex workers and adult entertainers, keeping them safer as they reach a wider audience than they ever have before.

What is Banned on OnlyFans?

OnlyFans is fairly liberal with what they will allow but there is still a long list of things that cannot be posted on the site (including verbal mentions or having them in the background). This includes anything that promotes violence, gun use, or unwanted sexual advances. It also includes any illegal content like drugs, incest or underage people. In fact, nobody under 18 is allowed to use the site or be mentioned in any way, even if you are an adult who is acting like an underage teen OnlyFans egirl character.

Nobody can be under the influence of drugs or alcohol on the site, nor can they mention they are “so drunk” or anything like that. Some body fluids are banned, and so are violent erotic actions like assault, sadomasochistic abuse, hardcore bondage, fisting, genital mutilation, etc. You cannot post any non-consensual content either, including revenge porn, deepfakes, or any imagery that was not consented to (in writing) by the person depicted. No fraud, no hate, no harassment, and no self-harm content is allowed either.

Violating these rules will result in being banned, so make sure you brush up on your terms and conditions before you start posting. If you accidentally post something that is determined to go against guidelines, you can always contact OnlyFans with an appeal.

Top E Girl OnlyFans in Conclusion

We hope you have had fun learning all about OnlyFans e-girls and seeing the different kinds of sexy teasing GIFs, photo sets, and straight up hardcore porn they are posting. Our aim was to introduce you to some new pages to follow, and we think we have chosen ten of the best. Whether you are into tattooed models, PornHub stars, cosplay cuties, or a wholesome girl-next-door gamer, there is something for everybody in our 2023 top e-girl OnlyFans list. So, who did you subscribe to?



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