Top 10 Country Girls OnlyFans & Farm Girl OnlyFan 2023

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It’s time for a wild ride with these amazing, sultry country girls on Onlyfans. These ladies have a raw, untamed passion and beauty that leaves fans weak in the knees and begging for more. Perhaps its these country cuties’ love of nature, their sun-kissed skin, or the naughty glint of mischief in their eye that really drives the fans into a fervor. 

Or perhaps it’s the fact that these country Onlyfans girls are all insatiable, and have a mission to please themselves and their fans like there’s no tomorrow. Despite being as homegrown as they come, the seductive charm of these down-to-earth babes is a breath of fresh air.

Don’t let these ladies fool you with their sweet, sun-dappled smiles. These gals are playful, fun and flirty, with a lust for erotic adventures and orgasmic endings. You’ll be drawn into their fiery passions, and their unabashed exploration of desire. Of course, not just any gal from the farm is going to make the cut. We wanted the bawdiest babes, the most interactive, and those who push their boundaries to the limits. We found them, so kick off your boots and enjoy the best country girl Onlyfans accounts of 2023:


Best Country Girls On OnlyFans: Featured This Month

Best Country Girl OnlyFans for 2023: 


  1. Autumn Marie – Best Solo Play
  2. Alabama Whyte – A Heaven-Sent Bad Girl
  3. Mariza Lamb – Bustiest Babe
  4. Wild Bama – Sexiest Request Fulfillment
  5. Mary Barron – Most Athletic Angel
  6. Miss Swedish Bella – Most Positive Pornstar
  7. DezJuggs – Hottest Homewrecker
  8. Alissa Hale – Wildest Ride
  9. Sweetheart Alabama – Sexiest New Mom
  10. Wild Rose – Hottest Sexpert


Best 10 Country Girl OnlyFans

#1 Autumn Marie – Best Solo Play



  • Over 66,000 Likes
  • Over 850 Photos
  • Nearly 100 Videos

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About Autumn Marie:

Autumn Marie is the fiery countrygirl Onlyfans star who has set the internet ablaze with her sizzling adventures. She’s among the top 1% of all Onlyfans creators worldwide, and is all about keeping things tanned, tight, tatted, sexy, and all natural. That describes Autumn Marie perfectly, as this sun-kissed goddess has a body that will blow your mind. 

She loves a risqué time (humpday, anyone?) and always rewards those who keep their rebill on for more adventures. Not one to shy away from a conversation, Autumn also keeps her DMs open, always ready for a flirty chat or some dirty requests.

Autumn’s content includes saucy content straight on her feed, solo play, JOI, sexting sessions, foot fetish fun, and more. She’s happy to sell her worn panties and bras, and to show you exactly how she keeps herself entertained when the days feel long. Like a sultry summer evening, Autumn Marie brings her fans a mix of warmth, wildness, and unending excitement, so be sure to check her out.

#2 Alabama Whyte – A Heaven-Sent Bad Girl



  • Over 1,300 Likes
  • Nearly 100 Videos
  • Over 130 Photos

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About Alabama Whyte:

Alabama Whyte is a tantalizing pervy paradox from Montgomery, Alabama (or as she calls it, Montcumery). She’s a self-proclaimed bad girl who flirts with the boundaries of sin and sainthood, and every inch of her lovely body is rebellious and seductive all at once. She is the holy sinner, and it’s not hard to see why – Whyte is the kind of model who defies conventions and revels in the thrill of the unexpected.

Whyte has a body that is as lovely to look at as the Alabama skyline, but it’s more tempting than forbidden fruit. She uses her stunning figure to put on a salacious little show, which is always a spectacle that her fans yearn for more of. This country girl Only fans star is all things sin and sanctity, and her experience is visceral and unique to watch. It’s impossible to predict what Alabama Whyte is going to do next, but her radiance and daring spirit will lead her fans somewhere where satisfaction is guaranteed in the end.

#3 Mariza Lamb – Bustiest Babe



  • Over 72,000 Likes
  • 100 Videos and Counting
  • Over 700 Photos

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About Mariza Lamb:

Mariza is a curvy Onlyfans country girl who has a chest like none other. Her Latin and Native heritage add to her exceptional beauty, but if you haven’t already had your brain melted by her huge bust, then you might want to look again. 

This voluptuous Texan babe is beyond gorgeous, so you’re going to want to pay attention. Mariza adores a chance to play dress up, especially if her outfits accentuate that huge perky pair she sports. Whether it’s a daring little outfit or some skimpy lingerie, she loves to parade her curves in the most alluring ways possible.

Mariza wants to become your online MILF bimbo girlfriend. She’s a hotwife who’s happy to cuck you, and her content includes hardcore girl on girl videos, guy on girl, threesomes, anal, pussy, BBC, blowjobs, XXX photos, and more. She’ll guide you through some JOI with audio or video, and perform some steamy dick rates to boot. Mariza is fluent in flirty, and when you mix her voluptuous body, her penchant for the hardcore, and her country charm, you’re in for a ride you won’t soon forget.

#4 Wild Bama – Sexiest Request Fulfillment



  • Over 12,000 Likes
  • 900 Photos and Counting
  • Over 50 Videos

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About Wild Bama:

Wild Bama is a gorgeous 31-year-old country goddess who embodies the true spirit of Southern charm and vivaciousness. She’s got an inviting smile, a heart of gold, and a figure that’s as enticing as a sweet southern summer day. None of that is why Bama is among the best country girl Only fans accounts though. It’s because Bama is wild, wanton, and never misses a moment to put on a lurid show in which everyone gets off. She uses her wide hips and petite torso like a true artist. On top of that, she is a huge outdoors enthusiast, and when she’s not busy banging, she’s out fishing, swimming, and beachcombing. Wild Bama has raw, natural beauty just like the wilderness she’s drawn to.

Wild Bama is a consummate professional when it comes to pleasing her fans – she’s open to all sorts of naughty requests, which includes fetishes and kink. With Bama, it’s all about creating a unique and customized experience for her favorite people. She delivers the dirty like few others can, since she’s eager to explore the different roles and scenarios while maintaining her playful and sensual spirit. With Wild Bama, every day is an adventure.

#5 Mary Barron – Most Athletic Angel



  • Over 22,000 Likes
  • Free Account
  • Over 200 Posts

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About Mary Barron:

You’re going to fall head over heels for Mary AB, a charming Texan who embodies the country spirit with her sizzling southern drawl and her authentic and down-to-earth persona. Mary is athletic, passionate, and irresistibly sweet. Plus, she has some seriously tight abs that show she knows how to throw down. As she should, she’s into grapplin’ as a hobby, and you can check out her skills on her various social media platforms. Her other loves include dogs and the outdoors.

Mary is tanned, toned, and radiant. Her physique is a tribute to her athletic lifestyle, and when her clothes start to come off, nobody is going to turn away. This country girl Onlyfans star shares her behind-the-scenes adventures on her page, and you can check them out for completely free. Discover the enticing charm of the south with Mary, where the skies are blue, and the beauty of the south is second only to the babes that live there. This country girl will put a smile on your heart that’ll keep you coming back for more.

#6 Miss_Swedish_Bella – Most Positive Pornstar



  • Over 949,000 Likes
  • Over 3,600 Photos
  • 350 Videos and Counting

Where to Follow:

About Miss Swedish Bella:

Monica is the fit blonde bombshell you didn’t realize you needed in your life. This angel from Arizona is known as Miss Swedish Bella, thanks to her striking good looks, poppin’ tits, and her bubbly ass. She also boasts a fiery personality that sets hearts aflame. 

Monica is thrilled to have you join her, as she explores her sexuality and shares that experience with the world. She’s a great creator for a steamy solo session, or for a fun and flirty chat in the DMs. She thrives on building a safe and supportive community, and offers fun behind-the-scenes glimpses into her life.

Monica is an Onlyfans country girl who’s hot as the Arizona desert sun, and she turns up the heat constantly with each salacious post. She showcases her jaw-dropping athletic physique, and her confidence and positivity makes her impossible to resist. Not only does Monica foster a great space for her fans to get their freak on, but she’s damn fine on the eyes while she’s at it. Don’t miss your chance to see Monica in action.

#7 DezJuggs – Hottest Homewrecker



  • Over 94,000 Likes
  • Nearly 100 Videos
  • Over 1,800 Photos

Where to Follow:

About Dez Juggs:

Dez Juggz has some big things going for her, and it’s not just her amazing tits. Don’t get us wrong, those are glorious, and she even describes them as perfect for a titty fuck. Dez describes herself as your new favorite homewrecker, and encourages you to get into a room where your wife isn’t around, chat, and cum with Dez. It’s an inviting offer! This luscious siren loves to draw men into erotic situations that are ‘forbidden,’ as it makes everything hotter.

Dez doesn’t just show off her jugs, she’s got a whole menu of fun in store for you. You’re in for nudes posted to her wall, dick or cum ratings, squirting, guy on girl, solo play, foot fetish fun, boob worship, weekly live videos, custom requests, and she’s even fetish friendly to boot. 

Dez is a truly bewitching seductress, who helps men around the world realize their fantasies, and loves to stuff her huge bust into a skimpy outfit. You can’t go wrong with this farmgirl Onlyfans superstar.

#8 Alissa Hale – Wildest Ride



  • Over 68,000 Likes
  • Free Account
  • Over 400 Posts

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About Alissa Hale:

Alissa Hale is a whirlwind of beauty. She’s a ravishing blonde with flowing locks of gold that shimmer like a summer’s sunset. This petite sensation is more than meets the eye – she’s a thrilling enigma who promises an unforgettable journey when you subscribe to her page. Not only are her looks impossible to resist, but you can revel in her filthy world for free. This Alabama angel has a free account, so her invitation to saddle up and join her on a wild adventure is even more perfect.

Alissa Hale is one of the sexiest country girls on Onlyfans, but she’s more than that. This risqué beauty is salacious, seductive, and insanely charming. She’s going to give you a tantalizing show, and her insatiable lust for life and for pleasure never fails to keep a smile on her fan’s faces. Alissa is sweet like honey, and rides like she’s taming a wild stallion, so check her out.

#9 Sweetheart Alabama – Sexiest New Mom



  • Over 600 Likes
  • Subscription Bundles
  • Over 100 Posts

Where to Follow:

About Raquel ‘Sweetheart’ Alabama:

You’re in for something different with Raquel ‘Sweetheart’ Alabama, a vivacious brunette hailing from the heart of Dixie. This southern belle is more than a pretty face – she’s a delightful whirlwind of charm and grace. She’s got some seriously delicious curves, perfect for her new title of MILF. Raquel is the quintessential country girl, both in spirit and in personality. 

She lives up to the nickname of sweetheart, as she’s always pleasing her fans with a smile on her face. She prefers to foster a heartwarming and intimate connection with her fans, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t get really down and dirty when the mood strikes.

Raquel Alabama has a passion for thrilling her fans. She’s a country girl, Onlyfans star, and one of the sweetest little perverts you ever did see. She’s got a heaping dose of authenticity, and her every gesture will make you anticipate the show to come. Sweetheart Alabama promises a tantalizing adventure for all who are looking for a good time.

#10 Wild Rose – Hottest Sexpert



  • Over 2,900 Likes
  • Live Streams
  • Over 600 Photos

Where to Follow:

About the Wild Rose:

Wild Rose is a delectable 24-year-old blonde bombshell with a stunning bod, and she’s redefining what the term “girl-next-door” really means. This alluring angel is a pervy pinup model, a passionate podcaster, and she loves to put on a show. She’s adorned her delicious curves with exquisite tattoos, and when she gets that look in her eye, your heart will race with anticipation. This sultry exhibitionist loves to take off her clothes and make some sexy, saucy art for y’all to enjoy.

Wild Rose offers daily content which includes pics, clips, and gifs, live streams, custom content, and she likes to cater to all tastes that come knocking. If you want something, just ask for it. If you have some dirty dreams you wish would come true, Wild Rose is the girl for you. She’s always available for a chat, so don’t get shy on her now. All in all, this knockout provides an amazing immersive experience for her fans like few other country Onlyfans girls know how to do. When you want to be entertained and free to explore all your fantasies, Wild Rose is the amazing babe for you.

Best countrygirl Onlyfans FAQ’s

Who are the best countrygirl Onlyfans stars today?

The best country girls on Onlyfans are all listed in this article, but we’ll give a quick overview of the best right here. You’ll want to check out Autumn Marie, Alabama Whyte, and Mariza Lamb. Wild Bama and Mary Barron (Mary_AB) are not to be missed! We didn’t stop there.

Check out Miss Swedish Bella, DezJuggs, and Alissa Hale for some wild rides and steamy times. You also can’t miss out on Sweetheart Alabama or the jaw-dropping Wild Rose. These are the best country girls on Onlyfans in 2023!

What do the top countrygirl Onlyfans creators make?

Diving into the world of a countrygirl Onlyfans creator is not only a thrilling sensual journey, but it can also be a rather profitable venture. We can’t disclose specific figures for individual creators, but we can give you a tantalizing sneak peek into the financial landscape. Numerous creators pocket a neat sum ranging from several hundreds to a few grand monthly, which isn’t too shabby for starters.

But the rewards can be far more generous. For the distinguished creators residing in the top 10%, the estimated monthly income soars into the upper thousands – enough to live a quite comfortable life in today’s economy. Still, the bounty doesn’t stop there. 

Those esteemed creators who land themselves within the elite top 1% of Onlyfans can expect to rake in upwards of $10,000 every month. And then, there are the celebrities who’ve been known to strike it rich, banking millions. 

The Onlyfans platform can indeed be a goldmine, with country girls on Onlyfans able to transform sensuality into significant earnings. Of course, it requires considerable effort, persistence, and a willingness to bare it all in front of the lens.

Which of the best Onlyfans countrygirl creators shouldn’t be missed?

Here’s a rundown of each of our featured creators, with a quick bit about why they’re not to be missed! Autumn Marie does the best solo play around, while Alabama Whyte is a heaven-sent bad girl who is looking for trouble. Mariza Lamb is the bustiest bimbo, and Wild Bama knows how to fulfill your requests with amazing results. For a truly athletic angel, check out Mary Barron.

Miss Swedish Bella is the most positive pornstar on the list, and DezJuggs is one busty homewrecker you need to see to believe. Alissa Hale is the wildest ride, while Sweetheart Alabama is a sexy new MILF. Wild Rose is a sexpert, who practices her knowledge daily!

How do I grow my own countrygirl Onlyfans account?

If you’re embarking on the path to flourish as a countrygirl Onlyfans creator, it’s essential to begin with the fundamental elements. Spruce up your landing page with an alluring profile and cover photo that encapsulate your enticing persona. Your description should give a warm welcome to your fans, painting a clear picture of the type of captivating content they can anticipate.

Once your page is all set and pulsating with potential, it’s time to weave in some marketing magic. Create social media accounts with a similar or identical username and ensure each one has a clear link leading to your Onlyfans page, and vice versa. 

For inspiration, take a leaf out of the book of other successful content providers. Finally, venture into spaces where potential fans are on the lookout for fresh, captivating content. In this pursuit, Reddit emerges as your best free ally, so be sure to explore this vibrant platform.

How will I be paid for my countrygirl Onlyfans account?

Are you mulling over setting up a Onlyfans account or have a fresh one yet to be acquainted with the payment process? It’s quite straightforward. Onlyfans slices its portion from each purchase and stashes the remaining amount into a holding account just for you. Once you’ve hit a certain threshold, you’re just a click away from transferring the funds into your personal bank account.

Even better, Onlyfans can be programmed to handle this transfer on a monthly basis automatically. It typically takes between three to five business days for the banking processes to tick along, and voilà – the money is yours to splurge. However, remember to keep a little aside for taxes since this technically counts as self-employment income. So, go ahead, treat yourself to something delightful with your well-earned cash.

What mistakes can I avoid while running my countrygirl Onlyfans account?

Beware of the common pitfalls that can occur when managing your own Onlyfans account as a countrygirl. The first stumble that most beginners face is inconsistency in posting schedules. Your fans are eagerly waiting for your tantalizing content, and if you fail to maintain a steady schedule, their anticipation may turn to frustration. The keys to the kingdom of success on Onlyfans, as well as in nurturing strong relationships, are communication and consistency. That’s a two-in-one life lesson for you!

The other major blunder lies in insufficient self-promotion. To get noticed, you must project a presence that invites attention. Maintain social media accounts that offer a tantalizing glimpse into your world, with clear links back to Onlyfans. Engage on platforms like Reddit, where an eager audience is already hunting for creators just like you. Soon, you’ll see your subscriber count skyrocket, and your Onlyfans account will truly bloom.


We hope you loved these daring country dolls as much as we did! Every one of these farm girl Onlyfans stars is a spark of raw sensuality, wrapped in a cloak of country charm. They bring the down-home allure of the open fields straight to your screen, and there’s nothing quite like it. On top of that, these girls know how to turn every lurid act into a wild adventure. 

From their enticing curves to their risqué adventures, these country girls’ Onlyfans accounts are out of this world. Provocative and occasionally deeply personal, your heart will flutter for the rustic beauty and raunchy thrills that these ladies provide.

There are many more amazing babes to be discovered, so while you sit back and check out who is featured today, we’ll scour the internet for even more cute and carnal country girls to go gaga over. They’re out there, waiting to welcome you and have some fun, but we couldn’t feature everyone. While we do our research, enjoy the warm smiles, wild spirits, and perverted posts from the best country girl Onlyfans accounts of 2023.

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